Any recomandations for free time trackers?

i’m looking for time tracker that can give me visualizations of my day to day data, the kind that Rescue Time gives
but hopefully a free one, i’m not looking for online support or to share my info(yet).

just getting started with trying to quantifying my self, and pretty excited to try and hopefully see results in my productivity.

thanks for the helpers =]

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Look into It might be the software which you are searching.

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Hi Tayko, if you are looking for a time tracking tool that can give you visualizations on your day to day data. You better check out Time Doctor. Using this tool it tracks of all of your activities and give you analytics for your work day, allowing you to improve your productivity and eliminate less productive activities. This gives you a reading on exactly where you spent your time, and how much of that time was productive or unproductive.

You can also check this article regarding comparative reports about uses and features between RecueTime and Time Doctor. It can also help you determine which among of these tools is better to use that can help you track time accurately and improve productivity.

Anyone know of a simpler time tracker. I tried Manic Time but it slowed down my pc and did a lot I didn’t want. All I want is to be able to push a button on my pc that starts a timer and then asks for the task name. When the task is finished, I press another button to stop. I do that for up to 10 tasks. At the end of the day I would like a report saying how much time was spent on each task. Same for week and month.

I tried trial versions of several of the recommendations above. They did a lot of things that I didn’t want,for instance, keeping track of Internet sites I visited. I ended up with Toggl which fits my needs perfectly. It is simple, free, and non-intrusive. See my posts above for what I was looking for.


For any developers out there, I use this plugin for Eclipse (only works for Eclipse and VB) called Codealike. Keeps track of everything that happens inside the IDE. So you can tell how much time you spend on each task, minute by minute, and it measures your distractions and your highest moments of productivity. I found it really helpful.

I think you can try Timecamp. It’s a really simple tool with friendly user interface.

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I’ve been tracking my use of time and how it maps to goals.

Is anyone else doing Time analytics? I’ve automated it but have more to do. What are you using?

I’ve been using Gleeo for Android because I’m interested in tracking my time spent away from the computer as well.

It’s an excellent app, but it doesn’t have an iPhone version.

We’ve recently launched our personal productivity software which currently has over 500 users. Although it’s still a beta version, Kiply allows you to track your activity in order to know how you really spend your time while using your computer.
With Kiply you automatically record your activity in real time and keep it completely private. You can view your activity either on the web or on your desktop app, as well as create new projects and see your progress according to your goals.
You can download Kiply beta version from our website at no cost. Please share your thoughts about it! :slight_smile:


I use Toggl … for tracking work / consulting time / … there is a smartphone app and a web app and for me its free since I don’t need the paid features.

I use manictime also and find it to be very useful.

Hi there,

We are happy to use Everhour. [DISCLAIMER: I’m affiliated with EverHour]

Everhour works well with numerous team management platforms, including Asana, Basecamp, Trello, and GitHub. Aside from tracking time, Everhour also offers task and project management capabilities as well as basic and advanced reporting functions.

With Everhour, you don’t only track time, you can delegate projects and tasks via schedule planner, monitor the progress of your projects, and generate the reports that have the information you want and need.

The link is here. Try it.

Thank you for the help. Indeed good find for comparative reports. I can now track time more accurately.