Any recommended Health datasets for Machine Learning in a University project?

I’m at my 5. semester of my Bachelor in Software Engineering and we working on extending this analytic platform
We can almost do what we want to, and I think it would be REALLY awesome to work with quantified self/Health data!

Do you have any recommendations for big datasets we can use?

We will probably use machine learning or some other form of AI, since we are learning that in one of our courses, and they like it when we apply things from courses in the projects!

So… What kind of machine learning algorithms would be obvious for working with Quantified self/Health data? And can you recommend any big datasets?

How big is big? Cathal Gurrin wrote this, which may have some clues, based on data he’s gathered here and there…

It’s a few years old now but gives you a sense of his interests. If you pick a direction he could probably comment…