Any suggestions for my examn?

Dear QS-board,

I’m a danish student currently working on an examn in the class “Media, Society and Culture”. I’ve chosen to write about Michel Foucaults view ‘Discipline and Punishment’, from his book with the same title.

I was wondering if anyone had some nice ideas when it comes to writing The Quantified Self/Life-tracking/Life-logging into this?

I’m currently thinking about the mutual benefits for individuals as well as the government using data from their logs.

Maybe you have some examples or some unanswered questions you would like to get uncovered :)?

Merry christmas and happy holidays anyway!

Btw. i will be joining the movement soon, and might setup the first danish branch if possible :slight_smile:

Hi! You might want to check out this article on Foucault and Weight Watchers -

Happy holidays to you too, and YES, if you’d like to start a QS group in Denmark, please write to me at and I’ll help you get started!

alex :slight_smile:

I never took the time to say thanks, but THANK YOU :slight_smile:

I’ve incorporated the term QS in my paper, where im writing about data-sharing, and consequences of doing so on the internet. I’m closing in on my conclusion, and so far, I’ve been analyzing potential benefits for both private users and the public. It’s not rocket science, but I’m drawn by the QS methodology and hope to be develop into a QS’er myself soon :slight_smile:

(First of, i need a new phone though. HTC Wildfire simply doesn’t cut it, when it comes to taking notes etc.)