Any WearOS apps for tracking watch usage?

Hi, I’m new to AndroidWear / Wear OS. I recently ordered the Verizon Wear24 as a starter watch. I’m big into tracking things (life logging is actually a big factor in why I want a smart watch) & use apps for tracking my usage on computer & phone. I was wondering if there was anything similar to ManicTime or RescueTime for smart watches, where I can export spreadsheets of usage of my smart watch (time I’m spending in certain apps, times unlocked, etc.) Preferably free, but definitely want to be able to export the data to be analyzed in Excel later on.

Any recommendations are strongly appreciated. Thanks.

If you have Wear OS 9, you might be able to use Google’s Digital Wellbeing app?

The Moment app now has an Android version, but it’s still flaky, you can’t export your data, and I don’t know if it works on Wear OS…

Thanks for the response. I’ve looked into these apps, but don’t think they’ll work for me at this time. Exporting raw data is definitely an important feature to me. I know you said Moment doesn’t support it. I looked into Google’s Digital Wellbeing & it looks like a really nice app. I didn’t see it list exporting as a feature, but if it does, I’ll definitely consider this to replace what I currently use for my phone (App Usage Tracker).

My phone is on Oreo 8.1.0, so it’s not supported by Digital Wellbeing right now. My watch is version

Any other ideas?

Perhaps this app could be helpful?

Since it tracks battery usage etc, it might capture the usage in more ways.

Thanks. It looks useful, so I gave it a download. As far as I can tell, It doesn’t seem to have an export feature though.