Anyone have good way to aggregate and visualize data

I have a ton of data from different sources, mostly around sleep, excercise and caloric burn. For example: chest heart monitor/sweetBeatLife, Basis B1/Basis Viewer, Zeo/Zeoscope/zeoviewer, withings scale/Helath, OPI sensors for EEG, EMG, ECG, GSR, etc, Recon GPS ski goggles/no api, and MyFitnessPal, Pulse Oximeter/iSPO2.

I have been trying to pull all of this together with Windows Excel and it is just not sustainable. The pulseOx files are over 40,000 rows of data each night.

Most of this stuff can be converted into csv from .DAT, .json or SQLite. What I am looking for is some kind of program or code that will pull it together and allow me to create visualizations.

I run windows with cygwin, Mac OSX with Homebrew and also have an Ubuntu NAS box running, so I can use a lot of different solutions, but I am thinking that something platform neutral like python would be best.

We really need some uber aggregator to pull together data and I have not yet found it. Health is nice, but it is just not made for the amount of data I am using, nor do I think it will support the type of time-series analysis and multivariate regression I want.

anyone have any suggestions??