Anyone still use Zeos?

I used to use the Zeo sleep monitor (headband version that connects to the smartphone app), but I got tired of trying to make my own headbands and failing. I still have the app, on an old iPhone 4. Replaced them, finally, with a ‘Dreem’ headset, which I never use because jesus that thing is uncomfortable. Why can’t anyone make a headset as good as the Zeo was, even a full decade later?

Anyway, if anyone is still using them and makes their own headbands, and might be willing to make me some that work, I’d be willing to pay. (Even had a theory that maybe making one out of gold-plated wire mesh might make it last longer that I’d be happy to finance an experiment for.)

If not, well, I’d be happy to send them to people who still use them, or want to start again after theirs died. I have three headset units and two charging stations gathering dust.

Message me, either way.

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Hi Adam,
I too have a zeo and dreem. Started making my own – have a wired version that’s been validated and am now working on the wireless. Would love to connect. Pls contact me at

I have a Zeo sleep monitore, that I bought used. I managed to make a good connection, but I gave up on it, because it provided inaccurate data - it thought I was asleep and dreaming when I know I was awake.

In all fairness, so did the fancy equipment they used during the hospital sleep test, which included an EKG, compression straps, and connections all over my body. Which essentially made it impossible for me to get to sleep - I probably only got about 15 minutes or so of sleep during the sleep test. Fortunately, their conclusion, which was therefore clearly wrong during that test, was that CPAP worked for me, though I actually needed to do other things to make it work, in a more comfortable setting, but now CPAP works well.