Anyone want to do a group trial for seasonal allergies?

I have seasonal allergies and am going to start taking Phillips Colon Care Probiotic based on reading this paper:

I was wondering if anyone would like to join me in doing this and we can do a mini trial for 6 weeks and see how it goes. I will volunteer to set up the baseline assessment surveys and will do the data analysis at the end. I will collate and share all the data with this group.

I was thinking of getting started with the trial next week if I can get a folks, maybe a week or 2 later if folks know more more ppl who want to join.

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Are you going to use the RQLQ or some variant to measure results?
One study performed the evaluation earlier in the year during peak allergy season. Do you have a plot of your local allergen levels?
-0.6 doesn’t seem like a big improvement in symptoms.
Do you expect all three to show up in your gut uBiome results after 6 weeks?
Have you had a nPIF measurement for comparison (Lack of Correlation).
Are nasal probiotics next? Seasonal allergic rhinitis affects sinonasal microbiota.

Really good questions.

I am going to use the mini version, MRQLQ.

I have a plots of my local allergen levels. Many cities also keep the same.

EDIT 0.6 Is a big improvement if the criteria to enter is 2 and you are at this level. After taking the survey myself a few times I see your point. But the effect of sampling error in the test is covered by the placebo group, but that group is severely underpowered given the number of questions in the survey. My thought is the probiotic is cheap (20 bucks for the 6 weeks) and we can confirm the results.

I do not expect to have all three show up in ubiome results after 6 weeks. ubiome cannot detect down to the strain level, there is too much variability in sampling stool even if you could to be able to quantify these.

I’m less interested any kind of microbiome result here but very interested in seeing if we can get a few folks together to do an at-home “trial” of an easy-to-get probiotic. I wonder if we can get enough data to make the study actually relevant. This is meant to be fun and cheap exercise to see what’s possible.