Anyone working with HumanAPI?

I like the “One API to rule them all” idea. Read about HumanAPI here. Saw a couple of posts last year on the forum, but haven’t seen anything since July. Anyone have any insights?

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Human API appears to have secured some investment recently and is now hiring, so I’d expect to hear more from them this year…

Validic is another interesting company in this space.

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Thanks Eric. In the short term I suppose a lot will hinge on which trackers open up the back door, so to speak. But I would suspect that a lot of the hardware guys will have to open up soon to keep traction with so many new entrants coming in.

Yes very true Luke. We are betting that the device market will get more crowded & see intense competition between themselves. So for a consumer to benefit, device makers will have to open up their data. And API frameworks will be key for the consumer to benefit from the various options. Question is what would that timeframe look like?

We have been evaluating a few of the API frameworks as well since we need to make a decision soon (Open mHealth etc & some others posted here eg HumanAPI). Given this is an emerging field, I suspect those of us gaining experience with these would have to learn from each other! Would be great if we can keep this topic open & active.

Indeed. After having worked with a number of devices now and trying to “cross-reference” even basic data (steps, heart rate and distance (GPS)) is getting tedious. Just wish I had the coding chops to do something about it!:s