API to integrate HealthKit data/dashboards on blog?

Hi quantified selfers,

I am starting a blog where I want to integrate all of the data/dashboards from Apple HealthKit. Goal is to have everything shown on the blog and see how things change.

Does anything like that exist? I imagine I could use something else but Apple’s HealthKit, but that seems to connect everything I’m using: Connected scale, oura ring, fitbit, Muse meditation tool, etc.

I searched the boards to see if there was a topic like this but couldn’t find it so I’d really appreciate your help. Thank you in advance for your advice or recommendations.

I do not believe this is possible. I imagine you could use Gyroscope, which can connect to various services (including Apple Health), then manually transfer your aggregated reports. This is just a guess though, I’ve never tried to do anything like this.

I don’t think Fitbit integrates with Apple Health :frowning:

Do you want the data on the blog to update automatically, or are you fine with updating it by manually exporting and uploading data regularly?

While I would love to have it automated, I think I’d have to have someone build me a dashboard to be able to do this. I was referred to gyroscope here (thank you!) and if I buy the pro one, I can publish my dashboard to a url so while it can’t be embedded, it can be linked. If you know of another solution, I would love your input. And yes - Fitbit does not integrate with Apple Health which I find so ridiculous.

I’ve been using Gyroscope (free) for quite some and love it. It already website connectivity - good choice, Marc.