App for tracking adherence to a schedule

I am trying to follow my daily schedule better. I.e. at 9am start work, 1pm have lunch, 5pm stop work. 10pm go to bed. I’m having trouble finding something that helps me record when I have and haven’t done this.

I’m looking for an app that allows me to set a fixed schedule (doesn’t change) and then track when I actually started and stopped those activities.

Solutions I’ve looked at so far

  1. RoutineFlow - really nice software, mostly designed for ADHD. You can set a routine up with times for each element, but it doesn’t allow you to set clock times for start and finish

  2. Habitify - you can setup “Started work at 9am” and “finished work at 5pm” habits to tick off, but this doesn’t give me much granularity about how far from my goal I was.

  3. Google Calendar - lets me set the schedule, but doesn’t allow me to track whether I followed it or not.

I think we’re building what you’re looking for at Owaves. iOS is available/free. Still working on Android.

Sounds interesting. No iphone here, let us know when the android version is out.

Perhaps a project management program such as Microsoft Project or ProjectLibre would work for you. Set up the goals and then enter the overruns. A tweak or two or ore likely to be needed to repeat things day-after-day.

A simpler solution would be to set up a spreadsheet. With your repeated goals/actions in a header column and then days going across or switch it to goals.activities in the header =row and each day a separate row. You can add additonal goals/events easily. Using a spreadsheet also gives you analytical possibilities such as percentage lateness/missed and whatever else you think appropriate.

Can’t speak about Android but Apple has a version of its Numbers spreadsheet available for iPhone, iPad, and Macs.

I know there was a talk at QS Europe with a spreadsheet based goal/activity tracking project but I’m having trouble finding it. (“Bad archivist” I say to myself.) Does anybody remember this one?

I’ve found that toggl was pretty much what I needed. It shows your calendar next to tracked time so it’s easy to see where I am in alignment with my intentions. However it was too much hassle at the moment to do all the tracking, so I’ve given it up for now. Might return to it when I have less on.