App or Website that allows charting on a timeline with 30 min interval

I want to chart my weight on a timeline, at several random occasions to study the fluctuations, what app has this timeline feature that I can use?

myfitnesspal probably

You can do it with

I’ve used it to track my weight for about 8 years…

I personally don’t do intraday weight logging but you can log weight (or anything) down to the minute.

The default chart lets you zoom in to see multiple intraday readings…

If the default charts aren’t adequate or if you want to do more number crunching on your end, you can export all your readings with their timestamps…

If you use Google Home, you can record new weigh-ins by linking your Google Home account to and just saying, “Hey Google, tell Event Logger my new weight is 202 and a half pounds.” or “Hey Google, tell Event Logger I weighed 203 pounds at 9am today.” if you’re adding events after-the-fact.

If you try out and need any help, just DM me and I’ll be happy to help.

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Do you have a “smart” scale, or are you logging manually?

Are you looking for “time of day” patterns across multiple days, or do you simply want to log more than one data point per day?

If you are looking for small fluctuations, might also be worth doing a few consecutive readings to see how precise the scale is…

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