App to passively track all movements and display on a map

My goal here is to explore my city by visiting every street within a certain radius of my home. I’d like to automatically track this with a map so I can easily see where I have and haven’t been, kind of like a map based todo list of streets I still have to visit.

There are a few tools for tracking movements.

Google Timeline - works great and records everything, but I can only see a single day’s routes. If I view all time then I just get dots for places, no routes

Fitbit - recording my GPS for walks and I can see them individually, but I don’t seem to be able to see them all together?

Strava - someone has built a tool to see all your routes but I have to turn this on manually so I will forget for short walks and it’s a pain anyway.

Anything that will work here? Ideally some software the visualises google maps timeline history in the way that I want as I already have the historical data.

Have you looked at Overland? It’s creator, Aaron Parecki, also wanted to track everyplace he visited.

That looks cool, althought I think I’d be in the same place as I am with the google timeline data. Where I have the location data but not an easy way to map it.

Just looking through some “usual suspect” repositories I see a bunch of different projects using Jupyter Notebooks, Observable, and some more handmade stuff, but most of them produce something different than what you’re after. It’s interesting, I would have thought what you wanted was pretty common, but the concept of a “route” seems actually more specialized than I thought at first. (I guess that’s why Strava has such devoted fans.) Interesting to see this gap in the toolset.

I map my walks through local woods and other recreational areas using a GPS app on my iPhone then download the data to my Mac where I use QGIS to pull all the files together and display where I have walked.

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Thanks for the QGIS suggestion. I used this script GitHub - Scarygami/location-history-json-converter: Convert the Location History JSON File from Google Takeout into a useable format to convert google’s timeline format into GPX and then loaded in QGIS, so I can now easily see all the routes.

Bit of a pain to have to download each time I want to check it, but I am planning on using Bardeen to automate this.

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