Apple watch app to record heart rate


Has anyone successfully used an Apple watch app to continuously record heart rate?

In other words I am looking for an app that will measure and record my heart rate every 1 min (or even more frequently) using an Apple watch for as long as I tell it to do so. And of course will provide me the data.
So far I can only find apps that will record that heart rate intermittently. And none of them can be configured to define the frequency of measurements.


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Hi Luke,
I use the Apple watch to monitor my HR, but there are a few things you need to know. In normal mode the watch measures HR ever ten minutes on average, but if you are in workout mode it measures HR continuously. The issue here is that it sucks battery reserves. I monitor HR for orthostatic tachycardia; when I stand my HR shoots up. When I see that I need to sit. So my solution is to put the watch in workout mode (indoor walk) when I am active in the house. It isn’t perfect but it is accurate. I also have a Scosche Heart Rate monitor and I use that with the DigiFit app which can be set to give me vocal warnings as my HR goes up. Here is a link to Apple support page that explains how the watch measures HR:

Thanks Tara, I will look in that direction.