Apple Watch for QS

Seems like Apple Watch is def if not the best than def one of the most accurate watches for sleep and hearth rate tracking.

Also Watch OS 9 is the most advanced watch with best 3rd party apps.

Therefore I am considering switching away from Garmin in a hope that:

  • I get more precise watch
  • easier ability to work with data
  • 3rd party and native apps which helps you leave more healthier life (for example by having habit app on the watch, better recommendations etc)

Ofc I release possible drawbacks mainly battery, but I am curious what was / is your experience with Apple Watch for QS and living more healthy life

I’ve been using Apple Watch for several years and find it a good balance between accuracy, app availability, and good data interoperability. Its ubiquity guarantees that just about every new product or service will try to support it.

FWIW a 2020 Nature Digital Medicine study found that Apple Watch was among the most accurate of devices: Investigating sources of inaccuracy in wearable optical heart rate sensors | npj Digital Medicine

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So, I just switched to apple watch and am looking for ways to put my hands on my data, without using XCode as I’m not a Swift or mobile developer - any suggestions?

JS is best for me but python could work as well :slight_smile: thanks!

Best way to get started is with the Health Auto Export app. It’s free, but I recommend you pay the $12 for a lifetime subscription. Lets you download all your Apple Health data as CSV or JSON, for easy manipulation in Python or whatever other environment you choose.