Apps for screen capture video + audio

I’d like to be able to monitor my daily activities online by generating a video of my onscreen activity accompanied by an audio monologue/commentary. My experience is that I’m more productive and accountable to myself if I’m actually saying and recording what it is that I’m doing, even if no-one will ever hear it - and I guarantee that no one will ever hear it - and even if I never even actually play it back to myself.

I’m looking for an app that will help me do that. It has to be very lightweight - not take up alot of processing. It has to save in the smallest possible size files - resolution is not an issue here; the video replay can be tiny and blurry. It has to allow videos of at least an hour or so. It should do all that by default, not by compression after capture. Alternatively - if can even just be capturing video from my built in cam. I’d have to see my own ugly face alot, but at least I’d be talking through what I’m doing. This is for a Mac OSX

The screen capture apps that I’ve seen are geared toward video demonstrations, posting to you tube, etc. They emphasize quality of video, etc. I don’t want any of that.

Any suggestions?

Sounds like a good idea to me. The application seems relatively specific, it would surprise me if anything like this is already out there.

However, the app itself doesn’t sound very complicated to code. Have you thought of spending some money on a site like in order to get it custom made for you?

Hi, I’m trying Lifeslice, which QS contributor Stan James wrote. He talked about LifeSlice in a QS Show&Tell talk, which I really enjoyed:

It is just a screen grab and a photo, at timed intervals, so not exactly what you want, but sort of in the same territory.