Arduino based home IoT for weight loss

Hi everyone

I want to have my weight ,body temp, stress , sleep timings, hours spent in my house ( hours spent at work by proxy) to be all collected passively. what open platform products can i use? how much of a work is it.

has any of you done it?/

lot of questions.guess i am not clear what i am asking about. please share related ideas, first things that comes to mind and that will help me piece together what i can do

thanks a lot friends


Hi Amith,
i like your attention to passive collection.

You mention Arduino, but I think this may distract you from your goal. I suggest thinking of the measure first, and then look across the many sources of data that can directly or indirectly help you quantify it accurately.

For example, depending on your appetite for privacy, google maps can provide your location history, helping you quantify hours at work and home.

I started an exception-based / casual collection three years ago for my family. The only passive collection I use is a Withings wifi scale that serves the whole family. About once a month i run a script to auto import the family’s weight measures into my local database. Before this scale, i had to record weight measures at the time of each weigh-in. Now, the weight measures are automatically recorded online and i import them later.


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I like where you are going with this, but today you would have to make some compromises to get everything talking. Sergio’s suggestion about the Withings scale is dead-on. Weight/Fat/Hydration/Bone/Heart rate can be totally passive with the Withings Body Scale. Plus Withings has a super simple Web API for automating your own collection.

Sleep, Temp and Heart Rate {stress} can be handled by the higher end fitness trackers. I like the Vivoactive HR by Garmin. Garmin does not offer an API, but they do have an SDK if you want to go that far. I’ve been ripping the data from Apple Health using the Health Export app, but you can try QS Access too and see how that works for you. The data is gathered passively, but still requires manual processing at some point.

Work hours would probably best be recorded using Rescue Time or Todoist.

An app like gyroscope could put it all together for you including some location tracking through the day.

I wish there were some substantial open source hardware and software options for passive QS collection, but for now you might have to use more off the shelf solutions.

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sergio , Mikey thanks for your suggestions.

I accept your suggestion regarding working from data points i need . I will have to get a withings scale.

lot of questions . but a bit of clarity steps wise…idea first arduino may be next…

thanks a lot folks


If you consider any service with an API an “open platform product”, than there are plenty of options, e.g. Withings for body weight and temperature, Beddit for sleep, Moves for time at home/work.

Body weight and temperature measurements aren’t passive, but quick, and you only need to do them once a day. Collecting stress and other psychological measures on the other hand is a bit more involved; you can use a mood tracking app like Daylio, or a general purpose app like Nomie.

There’s no need for a custom Arduino-based solution for any of this–unless that’s the real reason for doing this project :wink:

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thanks for providing your opinion . I think Arduino and IOT are not needed for me at this time. I researched on the app list you have included and it was very helpful.

thanks a lot