Are iPhones the best phones for self-tracking?

Or are other phones possibly better?

I have a Droid and honestly, I’m disappointed with the lack of tracking tools available for it or the poor quality of tools produced for it. I don’t think it is the phone. Rather, the iPhone app store offers more incentive for developers in terms of money and exposure. Those of us on the Android platform need to create the demand for better apps. I have nothing against the iPhone but where I live I need to be on the Verizon network and bought my phone before Verizon offered the iPhone so I’m kind of stuck for now.

Sorry IamTheBridget. There are lot of iPhone applications available for self-tracking and most of the ones I use are not available on other platforms.
This sounds an interesting solution for android users that just came across my way yesterday:

Thanks for sharing this, Florian!

I have a droid, and I’ve found Tap Log to be really good for tracking data. The GPS isn’t that good, but I expect that is more signal issues than the type of phone I have. On the other hand, I don’t wander a lot, so the GPS is not very relevant to my data.