Are there any good cognitive tests in science museums?

I just visited the Pacific Science Center (in Seattle) today, and they had a number of interesting tests (mostly physiological - but they did have stress and reaction time)

Anyways, I got these results:

Auditory reaction time: 310, 200, 213, 240 (at first, but then I realized that I had to put my hand right next to the button, so then my RTs improved)
180, 200, 160, 170, 210, 180, 240, 180, 190 (all in milliseconds)

14-year old cousin: 220,230,220,210.

flexibility: 11.5/12.0 (but with A LOT of pain)

reference chart:
12.5 age 17-19
12 for people in their 20s
11.5 for people in their 30s
10.5 for people in their 40s
10 for people in their 50s
9 for people in their 60s

endurance time (for pulling my entire body and chin up on the bars - my arms were really hurting even though I’m only 93 lbs): 5 seconds

reference chart:
14-19 yrs: 47 second Male/19 second Female
20-29 yrs: 50 s Male/30 second Female
30-39 yrs: 46/30
Over 40 yrs: not recommended

Was able to hear sound frequencies for the entire range from 288 to 6235 cycles per second

Grip strength: 510 right/515 left. No clue what units they were in.

14-year old cousin: 710 right/640 left

Stress level: 77 (where tense is 75-90). I have no clue what units they were in though

Balance: 1 second. Average: Male: 5-7 seconds. Female: 3-5 seconds

Interesting tests and results! May I ask your age range?

Hm okay well I’m a college undergrad