Are there gender based preference differences for fitness tracker?

Hey there.
I’m currently writing my bachelor thesis and the question I have to analyze is the obe stated in the titel. I think you guys know best about what women may like on wearables and what men like or what preferences there are in general.

How do you choose a fitness tracker?

Based on your answers I’m creating a study to get answers to my question if certain things attract women more than men or vice versa.

Thanks in advance!


You may have been seen this and this article. They are contradictory to each other when it comes to statistics behind how many women are buying fitness trackers, but I think the general factors pointed out behind what women prefer seems accurate to me - judging entirely based on my own thinking as a woman and from what I have heard from my women friends. The points around “these things look bulky on my wrist” and “health > physical health” are the top things for me. Although I can imagine other genders also feel the same way. Hard to make sweeping statements like this for an entire gender.