Are You Controlling How Much You Sleep?

We all know about the sleep-tracking craze by now. Especially because it is important to understand your sleeping patterns and improve how you sleep. We know that monitoring your sleep is as significant as sleeping itself. Yet, I feel that controlling how much one sleeps is somewhat ignored, at least by a majority of us.

I have been a heavy sleeper for a better part of my life. At most, the last half of my college life has been followed by missing classes, getting late for exams, and waking up late. I do not have any sleep disorder. So, I think my problem is more of an attitude than hormonal reactions, if at all such thing as hormones has a relationship to how much we sleep.

I have decided to control how much I sleep. I have already made up my mind about using an alarm clock for a heavy sleeper. They are a little pricier on Amazon. But, I believe they are better than alarm clock apps on Google Play Store (I use an Android Smartphone).

What’s your view on alarm clocks for deep sleepers? Should I go for the likes of ‘Okay to Wake’? Or, is there a better alternative to alarm clocks? All suggestions and advice are welcome. Help this heavy sleeper.

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If you don’t have a sleep disorder, you should trust your brain to control your sleep :slight_smile:

If you do need an alarm because you need to get up earlier than usual ever so often: Many sleep tracking gadgets have a “smart” alarm feature that will try to wake you outside of a deep sleep cycle, so the alarm doesn’t need to be quite as loud, even for a “heavy” sleeper.


Makes sense. Yet, may not be realistic to a heavy sleeper.

Good tip, though

I don’t know how to wake up without an alarm clock. I can only wake up if I am very anxious that I will oversleep. Then I wake up very often. I would recommend using a smart alarm clock. But this is just my opinion as a non-professional.