Arrhythmia Detection Algorithms

Can arrythmies be detected in a hrv measurment (via chest strap)? I know the question is stupid but I am new to this.:roll_eyes:

Yes, but you would have to develop some pretty sophisticated algorithms (assuming you have a high-quality signal). However, there are already 2 FDA-approved consumer devices on the market:

AliveCor Kardia

Apple Watch Series 4 (also here)

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Thank you Bob! I guess this means that you can have.a great hrv score but still have a heart with arrythmies!

Hi again Bob!
Have these algorithms already been developed? In apps like elite hrv or wellitory for example? If so what parameters should I look at?

Sorry for being a pest. Anzbody else got some ideas on the above?

The only products that have been cleared by the FDA are AliveCor/Kardia and Apple Watch. You could dig through papers on PubMed to see how others have implemented algorithms, but some will certainly be patented (or not patented so they can keep the algorithms secret).

If you are a dedicated tinkerer, this link to open source arrhythmia detection algorithms may help:

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I am afraid I am not. :sunglasses: I am new to all this! Thanks for the link anyhow!