At-Home Blood Cholesterol Testing: How can we be as precise as possible?

I’m writing from our Blood Testers group. You may have heard about our goal of tracking blood cholesterol as a group in Amsterdam this Summer, or from this post. I wanted to reach out to the community to see if anyone has personal experience with our tools:

Do you have experience using the CardioChek + and Lipid Panel kit? If so, how frequently have you tested? Have you used the controls sold separately from the kit? Have you compared your results to tests from the doctor? Have you done any personal validations of accuracy and precision of the device?

My personal goal is to test many times per day, and attempt to observe circadian (and maybe ultradian) rhythms in my total blood cholesterol and HDL. I am also interested in looking at acute effects of diet and exercise change. If you have used this system, have you addressed any similar questions?

Thank you!

I think @Agaricus may have input for you. And if you haven’t seen it, there’s a bit of discussion on frequent testing here.

Thanks Dan! I’m actually working as part of this same project :slight_smile: (I’ll note that above).