At-home tracking of aging blood biomarkers

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I am working at a diagnostics company (SiPhox) during my time off from Stanford undergrad and we are exploring opening a 6-month beta program to engage early adopters who are willing to perform weekly at-home measurements of key aging/wellness biomarkers & share anonymized data.

Let me know if you are interested here: SiPhox at-home longevity study

Personally, I am testing out several things including NMN and fasting and am very curious about how this is affecting my biomarkers over time. Would like to hear what y’all are interested in evaluating and if this would be a useful tool.

The full story:

The goal of the SiPhox Longevity beta will be to provide users real-time, longitudinal feedback on how their lifestyle choices impact key biomarkers. Beta users will be expected to perform weekly at-home blood tests requiring one hundred microliters of blood, drawn from the shoulder using a patch, ensuring a relatively painless draw compared to traditional finger-prick methods.

What’s the point of weekly testing?

No significant dataset like this exists. It’s generally accepted that sleep monitors, activity and heart rate monitors as well as continuous glucose monitoring can be great tools for closing the feedback loop between lifestyle choices and wellness outcomes.

Today, blood tests are expensive, infrequent, and not tailored to investigate things like aging processes. Although many people are eager to improve their health via fasting, exercise, supplements, sleep habits, and more, they receive little to no feedback on how effective these practices are and the research community never collects any data on their self-experimentation.

We plan to close that feedback loop, providing weekly progress reports on key aging biomarkers that change with chronological age & age related diseases. These markers will help users characterize how quickly their different systems —cardiovascular, neurological, metabolic, inflammatory — are aging. We will collect anonymized data and share the insights from this novel longitudinal study with our users, making their biohacking process more informed and scientific.

If this Beta sounds like something you might be interested in please fill out this form to ensure early access: SiPhox at-home longevity study

Sounds interesting! The survey mentions pricing ($100/month)–presumably that applies after the 6-month beta?

Signed up. I’m in Canada - didn’t see any country-of-resident restraints. Looking forward to helping you get this novel study off the ground.