Automate This Commitment Contract?

Hi, I’m trying to find an app or set of apps working together that will charge me a fine for not being at certain places at certain times (It’d use GPS). It’s for something other than working out. I want something that doesn’t rely on me using someone else.

I want to set it for specific days with different times.

For example, I’d want to be at “A” at 8pm Tuesday through Thursday, be at place “B” at 5am Monday through Friday and be at place “B” at 7am Saturday and Sunday.

Do you know of anything like this?

Thank you in advance for any help.

Can’t think of any existing “geofencing” apps that would let you do that. If you end up building your own solution, you could try to leverage the Moves app (for tracking location) together with Beeminder (for charging you money).