Automatic selfie every day: app for Mac OSX (paid) (author shameless plug)


I hesitated for a long time if I should post this to this forum because I don’t want to be considered a spammer :slight_smile: I know the QS movement but I’ve never been active in the community so I realise I might not have a huge trust. But finally I’ve decided to go for it and show you my app. I think that some of you might find it valuable in your QS toolset. Especially that there is AppyFridays promotion running today and the app is 80% cheaper than standard price ($0.99 instead $4.99)

The app is called Selfie App and it takes photo of you every time you open your macbook or wake iMac from sleep. If you work in front of your computer a lot you can end up with few photos of you every day, hundreds a month.

I’ve made it mostly for fun but I’ve realised there are at least two Mac user groups that might find it valuable tool:

  1. people afraid of roommates snooping on their mac (the selfie is captured before you log in)
  2. you: people into quantified self

If you think it’s worthless - please delete my post and forget about it :slight_smile:
If you find it valuable and miss the AppyFridays promo, let me know - I’ll keep the promotional price longer or give away some coupons just for QS community.

Link to the app: