Automaticaly display your steps, heart rate, nutrition, sleep and more


I’m the founder and creator of Mango Mirror
Mango Mirror is a personal health dashboard platform that automatically displays health information tracked from your iPhone, Apple watch, fitbit and other devices that integrate with Apple health (sleep trackers, weight sales, etc.).

Your data can be displayed on a smart mirror , any Android Tablet or on a large screen HDMI monitor via a Fire TV or Raspberry Pi. It also has a cool emoji goal badge feature (choose your own emoji to be displayed when you hit :slightly_smiling_face: or miss :cry: your goals).

It was built from a very personal experience - Why I built this.

It is meant to be completely hands off and very user friendly, once it’s setup via the iOS app, there is no other interaction, your data is automatically synced and displayed.

I’m excited to share this with you and hope that some of you might find this helpful and useful for you or your family as we try to improve and maintain good health through numbers!