Beeminder lovers at QS17

Hello lovely fellow QSers-

I know many of you are Beeminder users, and some of you are coming to QS17 in two weeks in Amsterdam. If you fall into either of these categories, I’d love to chat with you!

If you fall into both of these categories, I’d love to recruit you for a project we’re doing for Beeminder. At Beeminder, we’re great at making a cool QS tool. We’re pretty great at behavioral economics nerdery. But one thing we’re working to improve upon is to talking to non-nerds about Beeminder.

This is where we can use your help. While we’re in Amsterdam, we’d love to get a short (5 mins tops) video of you talking about your experience using Beeminder and telling your story. Here’s a very short sign up form: Short Survey

If you’re not comfortable on video, we’ll just chat and capture it in notes or on audio. I’m working at us getting better at explaining just how rad Beeminder is for humans that use it - and your stories really help.

If you want any information on me to verify I’m not just a scummy marketing person - I swear we try not to be - I’m an old-school QSer (giving a talk on my personal annual reports at QS17) - you can check out my most recent report here. I also work at Beeminder part time, of course.

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I vouch for @anomalily. :slight_smile:

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