Beginning with QS

There are people who like the idea of personal science but who don’t have a chronic health issue that they can study.

Let’s say such a person asks you for advice about getting started with QS.
What do you tell them?

If they’re not already exercising, they can always keep track of how many steps they walk, to ensure that they are active.

I’d suggest they study and try to improve their sleep. Few people seem to have good sleep, in which you wake up feeling well-rested.

They also requires expensive device to get started. At least that’s what I am aware of.

You don’t need an expensive device to study your sleep. You can rate how rested you feel when you wake up. You can measure how long you sleep with a stopwatch. I have done this for many years and learned a lot about how to sleep better.

That’s how I do it. I just log the time I went to sleep and the time I woke up. I find out that I am sleeping 5-6 hours each night. I think that’s bad, but it’s not like am sleeping to an alarm clock.

What are you learning? Learn it with an SRS & record your progress.

How much do you weigh? Are you getting heavier or lighter? Adjust your caloric intake according to the results & your goals.

I heard you can’t really lose weight by doing that. But that’s where the scientific method part of self quantification comes in.

In this thread was a bit of discussion of Anki. I split that discussion into a separate topic to have give this topic futher room to flourish.