Best book about Data analysis

hi. what is the best book about the data analysis. i’ve read business statistics books indeed. but interested generally 2 things.

  1. what is the required techniques or models in data analysis. I know about regression, distributions etc. but i hope there are a lot useful techniques and models in data analysis indeed. Business statistics book acually give basic overview to this thigs.

  2. a lot exercises and tasks (would be good if it’s about business) . That would be wonderful to have a lot exercises in order to learn techniques much better and understand more deeply.

If you already know basic statistics, you might be better off trying to analyze some data; the problems you encounter will tell you what techniques you need to read up on :slight_smile:

the problem is that, i some analysis. but i stuck on what i know . i don’t know wheather any other method doing of this, which is much effective than i use or something totally new that i concider unsolvable.