Best ECG/EKG Tool for Exercise


I am looking for some resources on equipment/apps that are good for ecg/ekg recordings (not QRS simulations of the R-R intervals) that can provide decently accurate results while exercising. I have considered the Bioharness 3 but have read some reviews that it shows alot of artifacts or drops. If you use Bioharness, can you tell em what kind of stats it shows as far as the ECG goes? For now, price doesn’t matter for making comparisons.

I have been using Polar strap H7 with several HRV apps that graph R-R but they get alot of artifacts and its hard visualize.

Thanks in advance


I’ve used Bioharness 3 for several years and recently purchased the the Biopatch

The one issue I’ve had with the Bioharness is that the data transfer speed is prohibitively slow. Six minutes per hour of data IIRC, so 2.4 hours to transfer a day’s worth of data.

Yeah. But if I break up my workouts I don’t think it would be much of a deal.

Just got mine though and having a crazy time trying to configure everything. Doing some searches all over the net trying to see how to properly configure what data I want logged.

Do you have any idea on the Configuration Tool what all the log formats contains. I just ran the General + ECG as a test however it did not log any of the ecg data when I checked it in Omnisense Analysis program.

Also any idea what happen to there communications? Ive contacted them a week ago and nothing back. ALso noticed there facebook, twitter, and youtube accounts have all been deleted.

Ah, sorry, I’m biased towards sleep tracking with the BioHarness (you actually spurred me towards setting this all up again).

Currently downloading my night of sleep, 40 minutes left. :slight_smile:

I’ve been using Summary + Waveform. Their documentation is terrible at describing the differences, the “datasheet” is the best documentation for that unfortunately but at least details the columns and frequencies.

Not sure what they’re up to, they were never very responsive to begin with.

Just did some googling, apparently they were acquired by Covidien in May 2014, then Medtronic acquired Covidien a month ago. Probably has something to do with the radio silence. :slight_smile:

I used to have all of the example C# code because I bought the SDK but not longer do, I emailed yesterday but now don’t hold much hope that they’ll respond. Do you have it by any chance?


No actually I didnt get anything but the strap and monitor. I had to dig deep in their site just to find the omnisense software. I agree their manuals are terrible and all their videos are gone too.

Im on the omnisense evaluation trial and cant even buy the software cause i have to contact them to buy it but they wont respond.

I saw that about the buyouts so i guess thats why.

Do you have any suggested softwares that can analyze their data logs?

I wanted it mostly for vo2max graphs and ability to view ecg during exercise or all day. There zephrylife web portal is kinda buggy too. I find the breathing rate sporadic with different adjustments. And i had thought it had a built in gps, not something having to be bought seperately.

What do you use it for sleep? I mean what measurements you interested in?

If only i can figure out how to view the extra log data i might get somewhere lol