Best Heartrate Monitor that syncs with Withings Ecosystem


I got my withings pulse ox a few months ago and have truly loved it. It really has helped me change my sleeping & exercise habits for the positive & I have gifted quite a few to friends. The main reason I went for withings was because of the heart rate monitor which other devices didnt have. However, I have found this to be fairly gimmicky and inaccurate. Also, it doesnt constantly monitor heart rate.

I was wondering, if there is a good heart rate monitor out there that consistently monitors heart rate & ideally integrates with the withings ecosystem. I am really keen on adding heart-rate monitoring to my system and would appreciate some suggestions.


The Basis Peak is said to have very good continuous heart rate tracking, though some reviews are mixed.

The Withings API is read-only, so you wouldn’t be able to sync anything to Withings, even if Basis had an API…

Still looking for a good solution for continuous heart rate monitoring. But for doing quick resting heart rate tests, Azumio’s Instant Heart Rate app seems to work quite well, certainly better than the Withings Pulse. You can send the data to 3rd party services via Google Fit, if you’re on Android.

Thanks, I will check out the Basis Peak. I wonder if the basis peak data can be exported in CSV, which I guess would then allow me to upload to withings?

Eric: The Withings API being read-only sounds interesting, because I do note that that they receive data from a lot of other tools like Myfitnesspal, endomondo, etc.

Here is an unofficial tool for exporting data from Basis:

Don’t know if it’s still working…

There do not appear to be any methods for adding data in the Withings API:

I believe the MyFitnessPal integration is maintained by Withings themselves.

Thanks Eric, so look like Basis is the only option? Do you have any idea of how the basis compares to the belt based monitors ones like the Memory Belt by Suunto.
I also wonder, if Basis provides instant feedback, for e.g. say the HR goes above a certain level, it lets you know through a vibration or something?
Finally, what is the battery life like on these devices? I do wonder, if the technology is there yet and if it would make sense to wait for the next generation to come out?

Thanks for your help.

This tool is for the Basis B1.

The Basis Peak does not have any way of exporting data, which has alienated many users.