Best "intro to Quantified Self" articles

Yay, first post :slight_smile:

So I was wondering, what are some of the best articles that introduce the concept of Quantified Self to someone new? Should be short, sweet and powerful.

I’ll go first:

MIT Technology Review on Quantified Self

Anyone else?

Great topic, Mike!

Here are some more:
Gary Wolf’s TED talk
New York Times, “The Data-Driven Life”
Financial Times, “Invasion of the Body Hackers”
Slate, “Data for a Better Planet”


Thanks Mike for starting this thread! I thought Ethan Zuckerman’s blog summary and reaction to the QS 2011 conference was an excellent take on the scene:

Ethan did an amazing job chronicling the conference indeed!

Among his posts, if I were to pick one to introduce the Quantified Self to someone new, I’d pick Seth Roberts on Personal Science. It talks about how mainstream science is stagnating, and it has great examples of how personal science became mainstream (e.g. the ketogenic diet). I wish it mentioned some of the exciting new sensor technologies, like the tiny accelerometers-in-stickers sensors developed by Green Goose, which will open up a world of possibilities - track how often you open the fridge door, pick up your water bottle, move your toothbrush for two minutes, and so on.

I think that this is a great collection of materials on Quantified Self collected by guys from the Berlin-based agency Third Wave.