Best iOS app to track water/coffee/alcohol intake?

I see a lot of habit/goal apps, but I want something where I can simply tick a counter to see how much water/coffee/alcohol (3 separate things) I have each day. I also want it to be easy to reset to 0 (as I’d do each day) …

Any suggestions?? Thanks!

Hi Eric,

If you’re on iOS I’ve heard that rTracker is a great tool for free form tracking.

Thanks … trying it!

Hi Eric,

BodyWise is also good for this kind of tracking.

It’s so funny that I can’t seem to find something that does this easily and well … I want to see the number from the same screen – For example, if I have drank 3 glasses of water, I want to be able to see that info, and also easily add to it, so that it’s 4, etc …

A last suggestion here. Do you know Argus? It might be a bit overkill for what you need, but you can set the amount of drinks you had in a day (water/alcohol/coffee) on the home screen and you just tap to add more.

If this doesn’t work for you either and you find another app, I would really like to know.

Good luck in your search!

Alculator…It is the best talking BAC calculator…It is used to check the blood alcohol content …It’s really an beneficial App while going out and if you want to take some drink.It’s an iPhone App designed by professional app developers .

You can try Aqualert is a free water tracker for IOs. Available on itunes.

I have been using this app called BAC calculator for tracking the alcohol content in my blood. It is now available as a talking app and I find it really useful.

I have been using Primo Water for a while. Take a look here:

would you mind sharing what you mean by “talking” app?

In particular I’m interested in finding out what and how people are using ‘apps’ (as I am building out a tracking tool which is based on a phone call to get the information.)

I think you’d really enjoy using iHydrate, it lets you track exactly that (water/coffee/alcohol) as well a handful of other beverages if you needed to log anything else. It tracks everything on a day to day basis and historically as well. You don’t have to manually reset to 0 it does it for you each day automatically. It also has all the standard water tracker features like reminders, push notifications, custom drink sizes, etc. Worth noting, it also has some pretty good press coverage/feedback

We’ve developed the app Goalify!.
Check it on the App Store:

You can track and record basically anything, water, coffee. In general Goalify is an app that helps you to record and reach your goals. These can be basically any kind of goals, which makes this app very flexible. Also, flexible goal types allow you to record the progress you’ve made in training or practicing.

Clara, Goalify developers