Best passive GPS logger?

I am looking for a passive GPS logger with a long battery life to store my location every other minute or so.

  • I don’t want to use my phone as the battery would drain too fast. Ideally I would only need to recharge the logger once every week.
  • I don’t need fast updates, one data point every minute or longer is perfectly acceptable if that means it has a longer battery life.
  • Probably something with an accelerometer so it would not use the battery when it’s stationary.
  • I does not upload the data, it’s my location data and I don’t want to send it to Google, Apple or any other 3th party.

Best contenders so far are the Super Trackstick (but I found a lot of unhappy customers online) and the i-gotU GT-600 (a fairly old device AFAIK).

TL;DR: I want to log my location over a long time without having to remember to recharge or empty the memory and I want to own my data.

What is the QS community using for location tracking?

Great question!

I have a bit of experience with the QStarz GPS data loggers. We used them in our research lab to understand how people moved around the city. The BT-Q1000XT looks like a good bet for what you’re looking for.

Thanks Ernesto. I went for the The BT-Q1000XT, looks promising.