Best Watch for Heart Rate, Sleep, and Activity Reminders

Does anyone have a recommendation on the best watch to use for Heart Rate, Sleep, and Activity Reminders? I want to track heartrate throughtout the day, better understand my sleep, and get “alerts” to remind me to move, stretch, etc if I haven’t done it.

Apple watch seems great but battery life isn’t great and I don’t think it yet has a sleep app. Any suggestions?

I am currently trying a Garmin Vivofit with a heart rate chest strap.

I have a garmin vivofit HR which is all in the watch; and it’s coming via post soon, looking at the garmin app it will likely be what I will settle on after the Basis B1, I tried the polar m600 and the jawbone up3 which both were not suitable.

It seems ridiculous but these companies don’t know a thing about designing watches for battery life. Which is critical for me when I want to track sleep.

The Fitbit Charge 2 does those three things! I just got it for Christmas and those are the three things I used it for the most - also keeping track of workouts.

Has anyone come across the Zoom HRV tracker from LifeTrak? Looks like it could be the catch-all many of us have been looking for!

I’m picking one up this weekend I hope. I’ll respond with some feedback once I have some time spent with it. Coming from the BASIS Peak I was really hoping for something that recorded HR continuously and as frequently as the Peak. I can already say from the Support folks at LifeTrak that it’s not what I would call continuous.

I’m still optimistic that the product will give me good insight into my sleep and heart rate variability is a new measure that I’m curious to see how much it varies and whether I can correlate it to my overall physiological well being.

Here’s their description of how it tracks HR for the benefit of anyone considering it:

The ZoomHRV montitors heart rate in the following ways:
-automatically takes a snapshot every 10 minutes, and displays this information after a sync. We call this ‘freeliving’ HR monitoring, and is likely similar to what you are asking about
-via a ‘Vscan’, which is our propriarty Heart Rate Variability monitoring mode. Vscan is a 3 minute recording of heart rate, where heart rate (bpm) and heart rate variability (R-R) information is recorded. If connect to the Zoom app, this can be displayed in real time. Or the Zoom can be connected to most 3rd party HRV apps (when in Vscan mode) for data collection.
-via a ‘Vscore’, where the Zoom, if worn during sleep, automatically performs a Vscan during sleep. This provides a Vscore number, to help track longterm fitness, as well as can be useful for rest/recovery management for training, workouts
-via a ‘workout’ mode, which is manually triggered, where the Zoom monitors heart rate and provides output similar to a chest strap (in 1 second intervals). The Zoom can be connected to the Zoom app for real time HR display, or can be connected to 3rd party BLE compliant HR monitoring apps

Additional information can be found at our website at: