Best web browser to track every webpage you go on?

Without deleting your history files?

I once used Firefox (by setting the history to record 9999999 days of it). But then it suddenly started clearing out my old history files. I went into about:config (and then did a search for everything that contained “history” and maxed out all the settings there), but I’m not sure if I can still trust Firefox to log everything (the places.sqlite file often stops growing - although this could be due to the way it allocates HD space before it actually uses it).

Chrome doesn’t really allow access to all your past history (through the ctrl-h feature on your browser), but it does seem to keep archives of your old history files (as labeled by their month). The main issue with Chrome is that there isn’t a Nirsoft viewer that you can use like you can with Firefox. Also, philosophically speaking, Google is a lot more into the idea of logging everything.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a Firefox history collector on the Locker Project code base, but haven’t had the time to test it. Maybe that’s one to look out for.

hey there…

my team and i have actually built something specifically for this. it’s called voyurl.
it’s like the for your digital data.

we created a special signup link for quantified self folks. just head over to to gain access to our private beta.

i’m pretty sure this is right up the alley of what you’re looking for.

Oh wow - thanks! I actually did try it, but then I noticed that everything was going public, and then I quit. :frowning: There are lots of private pages I browse that would easily give out my identity (even if I were completely anonymous)

hey there…

mind if i ask when you tried it out?
we actually made a massive change on the service.

for one, your info is not broadcast anywhere any longer… except on your profile page… and then it’s just the last 20 links.

and you can even make that private.

there’s also a block list.

the point being… you can opt to be totally private and keep everything to yourself… and you’ll still get all the good stuff from voyurl.

hope that helped a bit…


Google Web History works quite good if you use Chrome with this plugin: History Updater. Ofcourse it’s another thing you are storing at Google, so you’ll have to be fine with that. Your web history is available to you by RSS-feed, so there’s probably something you could do with that data.

If you don’t want certain pages to be tracked, simply open a incognito window :wink:

Does anyone know what happened to It looks like it was a really nifty product, but then it dropped off the map in late 2011 or early 2012? Thx, John