Beta testers for HR monitors needed

We’ve just developed a new service for our SenseView application: a multipurpose sensor data logger allows to connect, monitor, track and share sensoric data! For now the app works with internal and some BT sensors, but now we extend a support for Bluetooth Low energy.

Service should work with any iPhone Bluetooth Smart (BT LE) heart beat sensor, for example Polar H6/H7, 60beat blue, Beets blu, Wahoo Blue HR and similar.

We use it with Zephyr HxM Smart/Google Nexus 7 2013.

I’m kindly asking anyone who has a listed or similar equipment (BT LE HR sensor and Android 4.3) and is willing to help, to contact me.

Thank you in advance

O.K. It seems that there is no users with HR monitors.

Nevertheless, SenseView now supports Internal Android sensors, Zephyr BH3, Zephyr HxM, Zephyr HxM Smart and other BT LE Heart rate sensors, TexasInstruments SensorTag, SensorDrone and OBD. Any feedback is very welcome

OnBoard diagnostics up and working for anyone driving rally cars (or something), wanting to monitor your heart while at the same time monitoring your car’s heart :).

[quote=“JureLampe, post:2, topic:751”]
O.K. It seems that there is no users with HR monitors.[/quote]

Greetings! I think you will have more luck if you make a make a request that is more general in one respect and more specific in another.

More general: how about simply “users with wireless HR monitors using Android?” Your request if framed quite specifically, and it may be filtering out people who would be helpful to work with because they are not sure if they meet your criteria.

More specific: You simply ask for people who are willing to help. This might be a bit hard to reply to without knowing what kind of help you want. Perhaps formulate a neat project that has some definition that people could join?

Hi Gary
Thank you for your suggestions.

First about wireless HR monitors. There are bunch of HR monitors made for iPhone with a BT LE 4.0 interface (BT Smart). They were available only for iPhone because there was no Android solution - yet, but they (should) all support the very same standard. Now we have a solution for Android and we just wish to know which sensor is working and which not. If we take a parallel situation in automotive: We have a car with 18" wheels but not sure if all 18" tires go with our wheels. We’ve speculated about number of car models, but we are not sure, therefore we are asking for help.

About help we wish (second request) - we just wish to know if specific HR sensor is working or not (sending HR).

Thank you again for suggestions

Ah, I get it! Let me tweet a link out and see if anybody can test…

I have the Wahoo strap and a Nexus 4 with JB 4.3. Have kicked the tires using the new BLE peripheral frameworks and this strap so it should work; I’m willing to test your app a bit.


Hi Robert, thank you very much.

You should just download a SenseView from Google Play(, start it, press a “Menu” button, “Sensor settings” and “Basic sensor settings”. Check the “Use BLE Heart Rate Sensor”, SenseView should ask you “New service download” and after confirmation you will get (in your case) a HR service which should work with Wahoo. After that you need to pair the phone with Wahoo and in “Menu” button, “Sensor settings”, “Basic sensor settings”, “Dashboard profiles” to chose a profile "BLE heart rate basic). In dashboard you should have a button HR and on top of the screen “Start”. When “Start” pressed you should get your HR from Wahoo.

Warning: BT LE stack on Android 4.3 is still pretty shaky so maybe you should wait up to 2 min to start - hope in 4.4. will work better.

Again, many thanks

Tested SenseView (1.0_13442) on a Nexus 4 (Android 4.3) with the Polar H7. The app seems to work as advertised. Some issues I encountered:

  • There is an error (NullPointerException) whenever I change orientation or bring the app back to the foreground.
  • No automatic reconnect after the connection is interrupted.
  • Timestamps in the export are local times without a timezone offset.

I’m curious what the business model for this free app is? I can’t think of a good use for this app for myself, but might pay for (or contribute to, if open source) a library that makes it easier to read sensor data.

Thank you VERY MUCH

About errors:

  1. NullPointerException - known bug - it will be resolved in next version
  2. No automatic reconnect - reconnect work w/o any problems with old BT (not BT LE) sensors or Zephyr HxM Smart sensor. The sprocket on top left show the service status. But we found out that on BT LE sensors (probably because of energy saving) takes up to 2 minutes to reconnect - sensor simply don’t advertize that it is able to connect again. Maybe here is a same problem.
  3. Timestamps - I didn’t know about that - we will solve, tnx again.

About business model:

  1. We’ve made a SenseView application with our Mobilis framework tool as a proof of concept. It is a tool for quick developing wireless sensor mobile applications. Based on Use case we select a proper (usually) wireless bluetooth sensors, user interface and rules how to process, show, store, communicate from sensors to smartphone to cloud or server and make a customized application in a fraction of time.
  2. Our aim is to support as much as possible sensors with a decent documentation. There should be a synergy from apps on which you may connect different sensors.
  3. Our goal is to make SenseView an open platform, so that users can add their own additional sensors and algorithms.
  4. With Mobilis framework we made different projects like Pro version of SenseView (multi sensors in parallel for fitness, hospitals, first responders). We measured patients with heart problems, ski jumpers, firemen, our solutions are used in several domains.
  5. BUT we do not interpret data - we are simply … a postman - deliver sensoric data. Our customers usually have specialists (doctors, trainers…) and together we can make a sensoric mobile solution in a fraction of time.

**Maybe Mobilis / SenseView is a good showcase that even minor companies with few developers from very small countries are capable of making a great solutions using a Bluetooth technology and a lot of creativity and knowledge. **

Thank you

I gave it a quick go with no luck this evening. I’ll try again tomorrow. In the meantime, is there any specific debugging/logging information you could use?

Google Nexus 4, Android 4.3.

In brief, the SenseView BLE Sensor Heart Rate Service seems to be stuck for many minutes between:
-"Trying to connect to device "
-"Disconnected from device "

The dashboard never shows the current HR nor graph.

Another app, “BLE Heart Rate Monitor”, does connect to this peripheral and displays the Heart Rate Service / Heart Rate Measurement characteristic. The LightBlue app for Mac OS X is also successful with this HR monitor strap. I have been sure to disconnect from the peripheral in other apps before using SenseView, and have tried rebooting the phone several times.


thank you

Strange - all sensors should support the same GATT profile. Polar, Zephyr work, Wahoo not. Based on fact that your sensor works with other apps, it should be SenseView to blame. It seems that we need to buy a Wahoo to debug a service and get an info what’s wrong.

Thank you again for your help

Hi there-

We are trying to get Zephyr HxM Smart to work with your app on the Nexus 7 running 4.4 and have had no luck.

We are trying to access the Zephyr thru the GATT protocol and have had no luck.



Hi Jure,
I am very interested in combining real-time biometric and OBD vehicle data . I had started working on cobbling together my own solution for an experiment (not using an app) but I will check out SenseView! Does it only support that 1 particular OBD device or will it work with any bluetooth-enabled model?

Hi Ronda
Let’s try to find a solution. I have the very same equipment on the desk (Nexus 7, Hxm Smart):

  1. Go to SenseView menu / Basic sensor settings and enable Use BLE Heart rate (all BT Smart Hr sensors (Zephyr, Polar, BlueGiga…) use this service). So, for HxM Smart you do not use a HxM service, but BLE Heart rate service.
  2. Download a service from Google play
  3. Go to SenseView menu / Basic sensor settings and click on BLE Heart Rate Sensor heart rate
  4. You will get Scan for devices
  5. Touch contacts on your HxM smart -> you’ll get a green LED flashing on sensor 6. Start a session

If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Have a nice weekend


Hi Bob
We made test on only one device - a very low cost (around 15$) OBD-2 device, similar likeät-Chryslter-Mitsubishi/dp/B00ALQWJOS/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1393579669&sr=8-3&keywords=obd2+bluetooth

Until now we had several thousand downloads for OBD-2 service with good reviews, but some of them they are with 1 star :frowning: . I can imagine that maybe some of users had problems with some of OBD-2 devices, nut till now didn’t get any direct complain.

So it should work with any OBD-2 BT device, but no guaranties :slight_smile:

Have a nice weekend