Beta testers needed

HousDoc is building a world-transforming product to quantify health at home. We believe there are too many illnesses that go undetected, too many lives are lost as a result and too many of us don’t seek medical help until its too late.

Just like information about the surrounding world is on Google, we believe information about your health can be delivered to you in real-time, to your fingerprints.

We’re building our first product to measure change in your face every day, at home, quantifying the impact of your life choices on your face and alarming you when signs of illness or concern appear. We’re looking for beta testers who can help us build our offering by taking a picture of their face every day for a period of 60 days. In return, we offer a small cash compensation as well as naturally the results of our analysis on change on your face. More importantly, you’ll be involved in building this amazing product to quantify health at home.

If you’re interested in being a beta user, just visit our website and send us a message!