Beyobe, a general purpose tracking tool

We are pleased to announce Beyobe, a new free general-purpose tracker.

Beyobe stands for Be Your Best. It is a mobile web app for tracking any daily information. You can add any questions and answer your questions at any time. Beyobe uses Google for sign in, and can be accessed from any modern device or browser (IE not recommended).

You can use Beyobe to track, plot, and correlate life metrics that are not easily tracked elsewhere:

  • behaviors like flossing, meditation, screen time
  • perceptions like mood, hunger, pain
  • therapies like medication dosages, acupuncture, Kegel exercises
  • social interactions like arguments, hugs, cheerfulness

Beyobe is in beta, and we plan many new features.

Hey Dave,

Awesome! Thank you for sharing beyobe. Have you checked out Reporter from Feltron?
I think it’d be worthwhile checking it out!


Liking both very much!

Dave you should re-do the links, it’s a bit hard to get to it. Also, Beyobe works as a web app only or are you planning on developing an app for iOS/Android? Just asking because it’s a bit redundant to have to open the browser everytime. Other than that it’s awesome.

Reporter also looks cool but I can’t comment on that since I don’t have access to it. Awesome site though :).

Hi Gašper
Thanks for the feedback. I added a link to Beyobe.
I do plan to convert Beyobe into a native app for both Android and iPhone soon. (Should be easy using PhoneGap Build service). Yes having an app on your phone makes it easier to “bookmark” the app. Since it is an app that I use frequently, I just keep a browser open to the Beyobe app.
Looking for more feedback on Beyobe if you (or anyone else) has any!
Happy tracking,

I like this approach generally, it’s similar to what I do with my own tracking (browser link to Google spreadsheet/form). The simple approach can sometimes be best!

It can and often is the best indeed, but what of all the other users who’d be generally up for it but in smaller quantities, or just not very keen on navigating through the web-interface?

We’ve been finding that simplicity and ease of use are generally more important to the average user, just enough to get them in through the door - the rest is up to them.

With this in mind, having a front end interface could significantly drop the entry barrier for users who are easily discouraged at the sight of charts and graphs - more users = more fun :slight_smile:

Hi @davedonohue,

Is Beyobe still being developed? The site is down at the moment.

Hi there Dan I had to discontinue the Beyobe project. It worked but the codebase was not maintainable (GWT, now a legacy technology). Also as I published there were dozens of general purpose trackers cropping up. Workig on new projects using HTML5 + JS technologies like

Excellent choice. I love Meteor too.

Beyobe is no longer being developed.