Biohacking technology project

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Hello there!
I’m looking to connect to others who use a digital health technology on a regular basis, things like an Oura health ring, sleep tracking app etc. I’m trying to find other biohackers who are using self-quantifying tech for optimising health for a project I’m doing at my university, looking to have a chat over zoom with a few people maybe compare our experiences!

Anyone fancy having a chat?

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I am very interested in finding if anyone is tracking or using baroreceptor sensitivity as a health biomarker. We could write a paper on this. It is arguably better than HRV.
University of Marburg
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How is this tracked?

Hello Marc

How would you control for postural changes impact on BS?

Marc, I find HRV alone to be a very noisy signal (3:1 variation). For Baroreflex Sensitivity (BRS) I think the problem would be magnified by using HRV as part of the ratio. Looking at the various ways to Measure BRS seem to be a better fit for a lab environment. Is there a consumer device that measures beat to beat blood pressure? Perhaps measuring on a different part of the body so that straining to change blood pressure does not distort the blood pressure readings? The only chemical approach I would consider is alcohol and it does not have a linear effect on blood pressure. The neck chamber technique seems like something Mr Spock would do to put you to sleep.

Hi! Not sure if you’re still interested in this since you posted a while ago now, but I’d 100% be interested in pooling data with other biohackers.