Bioniq Health - Data Sharing

Bioniq Health recently released its first iOS and web application with the dream of becoming the first consumer health network where people can share health and fitness data / content. I was wondering if the passionate community here would be willing to give me feedback on the web and mobile application. As one of the founders, I will personally read all of your feedback and make sure that its taken seriously in product development.


Can you see yourself sharing data on Bioniq?

Would you be interested in seeing and talking about your data or your friends’ data on Bioniq?

What would you want out of a health network / platform? What would make this application compelling for you?

Thank you!

Looks like an interesting project!

I’m curious what the novel aspect of Bioniq Health is–there are quite a few apps and services that aggregate health and fitness data (see e.g. this list), including several that emphasize sharing.

btw after signing up, I don’t see an option to close my account (should I ever wish to do so), and I can’t find anything about data retention in the privacy policy)?

Aggregating health and fitness data I think is largely a commodity that a lot of people do, ourselves included. Coming up with creative, shareable visualizations and building the first health network and community I think is where our strength lies.

How is this different than FitBit’s community for example? We have FitBit users on Bioniq sharing data with Jawbone users and Runkeeper users, etc. etc. Bioniq is where all these tribes can come together to share. We also don’t have a Big Brother model where your friends see all of your data! We let people share when they want to and share what they are proud of – imagine if Instagram was everything in people’s life including when they are sitting on the couch and not doing interesting things that they would want to share for their social identity. Also, we are not purely limited to data like some players. You can share steps, or you can share health photos, or both together.

Thanks for signing up and your feedback. Re: data retention, it’s all in there!

“Unless required by law, Bioniq will not give your information or data to another company or person without your consent. We also review our data collection, storage, security, and processing practices frequently to make sure that there is no unauthorized access to your information.”

If you have any ideas or suggestions for improved privacy, please let us know!

I understand the limitations of Fitbit et al, but a more useful comparison is with a service like Quantid, which has similar community and sharing features.

I’m sure Bioniq has some unique aspects, but it’s not obvious from the marketing blurb (or even after a quick look around the service).

Regarding data retention, the question was how to have data removed. Also, what is your business model? Both are questions I usually ask before handing over too much personal data :slight_smile:

Thanks for introducing me to Quantid – digital health and fitness is obviously a crowded space. I definitely see parallels but I see us sailing in very different directions even if our boats might look similar from some angels. With time and iterations, I think this differentiation will become more obvious to the public.

We haven’t built ability to download data or delete this data. I appreciate this feedback. Why do you find this to be important? I can take your thoughts back to my team.

I can’t tell you what our business model will be in 5-7 years, as I do not know frankly in great detail but I can tell you what I hope it will never be. We’re NOT going to sell out to a pharma company, we will NOT sell data for advertisements (i.e. hitting people with Head and Shoulders ads), etc. Instead I hope to parallel LinkedIn. Once we build up the network, we might have a baseline service and premium service options that customers can pay for directly or the healthcare payer behind them can pay for indirectly (similar to how your employer can pay for LinkedIn premium) – these services would be related to the network (i.e. NOT health coaching robot) and the different types of people who we are slowly going to open doors to.

Thanks for being a part of the story and sharing your feedback!

I think you just answered your own question :wink:

Haha! Touche. I tried to answer your question honestly; I could tell you anything here to make you happy and then do something different but I am not interested in product marketing here. I’m interested in learning and improving the company’s product / vision.

What I just gathered > if the home page better illustrated where the application was going and detailed the long term version further, this would encourage more people to create an account and join the community.

Any other opinions? Where is everyone else on this forum?? :slight_smile:

I feeling this is an interesting project!

But I haven’t used iphone, I used wp. Does you have app for wp 8?