Blood Pressure Monitoring During Sleep

Are there at home blood pressure monitors that work while someone is sleeping? This seems fairly straightforward, but the only product I could find was the Omron Nightview. And I couldn’t find it available for purchase.

Larger purpose, I have low BP/tachycardia. It’s confounded by my stress from having ADD/EF/processing issues that require medications that seem to drive this imbalance. Unfortunately, exercise/therapy don’t help enough for me to alter my medication regimens. So every day is a difficult balancing act of over five factors. :confused: Trying any treatment option requires monitoring a ridiculous array of variables.

Hi @Whomovedthecat — what you are asking about is the holy grail of BP monitoring, but there is no commercial device offering this that I’m aware of. The Omron HeartGuide is the result of years of research into this prospect, and as you’ll see from the product specs it is does not do automatic measurement. You have to trigger the device, hold it in a certain position, etc. I talked with the Omron execs a few years ago, when they were still hoping that they would get this product to work in a fully automatic mode, but it’s clear from what they released that they couldn’t get there.

I sympathize with the complexity of your situation. I’ve been managing my arrhythmia medication through self-tracking for over a year and may have some ideas that can help, but will keep this reply to the direct question you asked for now.

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I came here to mention the HeartGuide as well, but didn’t realize it didn’t have an automatic function.

The Omron Nightview is interesting. Couldn’t find it for sale in the US - maybe it’s a legal / approval type of situation? I’d also like to buy it.

I do see it for purchase in the UK here:

You could use a postal forwarding service like to purchase it.

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Fascinating. I also just did a pretty thorough search and there’s no US version yet. @Whomovedthecat— I’ll be very curious to know how it goes, if you try it.