Blood Sugar Tracking Challenge in Response to New Alternative Sugar

We are excited to invite you to participate in our three-day challenge, which aims to investigate the effects of a newly formulated plant-based protein sweetness used in sweet peach tea on blood glucose levels.

Study Details:

Objective: This challenge aims to determine the precise impact of the innovative plant-based protein tea on blood sugar regulation. Participants will need to consume one tea beverage daily for three consecutive days.

Methodology: To accurately monitor and record blood glucose responses, participants are required to bring their own Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM). For those who do not have a CGM device, we can assist in obtaining one at a discounted rate.

Compensation: Upon successful completion of the study protocol, participants will receive $100 as a token of gratitude for their contribution.

This clinical trial provides a unique opportunity to examine and analyze individual blood sugar responses to this groundbreaking sugar alternative. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to sample these tasty peach tea formulations at no cost.

If you are interested please apply here: The Tea Glucose Challenge  

Sounds like a fun experiment, but who is “we”?

Looks like

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Yes it is!

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I’ve done this before with Tastermonial and will do this one too. It’s a drink made of some kind of protein that tastes sweet. You wear a CGM and give them data about your glucose response and they pay you $100 for your trouble (you also get all your data of course)