Bodymedia closing!

I woke up this morning and saw this message went I went to sync my bodymedia device:

On Jan 31, 2016 support for BodyMedia FIT mobile and web applications will officially come to an end. This page is designed to help BodyMedia customers understand the impact of those changes. We’d like to thank our customers for their loyalty throughout the years.

BodyMedia FIT service is going away beginning at 11:59 pm ET Jan 31, 2016. After that time, you will no longer be able to access BodyMedia FIT on mobile or web, and a few days after your last sync, your BodyMedia FIT armband will stop working.

While I can’t say it’s totally unexpected as bodymedia has not sold sensors since 2014, I’m still highly disappointed. Because the bodymedia used four different sensors, I always found it more accurate than the fitness trackers that just relied on accelerometers. Plus, I used the web interface to track all my nutrition data and it provided an easy way to look at my intake vs. output. I’m really bummed out about this.

Anyone have any thoughts as to what would be the next best alternative in terms of accuracy? I’m thinking maybe the Apple Watch or Basis Peak since they also track HR instead of just actigraphy?

If you need accuracy there is a device called a KAM which has been developed by a company called Kersh Wellness. This is a very unique product and is actually used by the Mayo clinic for their activity based programs, due to it’s absolute accuracy.

I am actually working with Kersh to integrate this into a whole raft of new programs being launched in 2016 - it basically enables us to accurately prescribe activity levels with known outcomes.

It is a waist worn device (or shoe for cycling etc) and uses proprietary algorithms and sensors to generate an activity score and track activity very very precisely. Version 2 (bluetooth variant) is just going through it’s trials for release early 2016.

Having said all this however, we have only targeted this product commercially for the treatment of chronic disease and/or clinician prescribed activity, although it is absolutely valid for more typical use where you want a truly accurate measure.

If however there is interest from people generally then we could consider enabling consumer proposition!?

Your thoughts would be very welcomed.

The Jawbone UP3 includes a GSR sensor (presumably based on BodyMedia’s technology), and the Basis Peak has a GSR sensor, too. Both are worn on the wrist, which has some trade-offs in terms of accuracy. Even better than an armband would be a (waterproof) patch like the AmpStrip was planning to do; too bad they gave up on doing a consumer product…

Does Jawbone’s API provide the raw GSR and ambient (in addition to skin) temperatures the UP3 measures? Glancing at their documentation, it doesn’t seem like they do.

You’re right, the Jawbone API doesn’t expose any GSR or temperature data, though that data is factored into the “calories burned” calculation (presumably)…

I’m going to suggest a couple of items that tested well and are products that I’ve used with confidence:

  1. Fitbit Surge… and soon to be released, the Fitbit Blaze.

  2. Hexoskin - sensor-integrated shirt that works well as a compression garment on its own, but I typically add another layer of compression over that based on my decades of training experience in high heat and humidity.

To my knowledge, there is nothing on the market as accurate as the Body Media. Jawbone bought them in order to acquire proprietary technology to improve their own product line, NOT to provide consumers with the BEST, MOST ACCURATE PRODUCTS.

I told them that I felt that they should have told consumers IN ADVANCE of the sale that this possibility existed. Quite frankly, if you sell anyone a package product, then I believe that you should be responsible for ensuring that the product functions… meaning, keep the website running or provide a desktop solution… or give up your information to a 3rd party who can supply a desktop solution.

This is another modern sales tactic that allows companies to indiscriminately sell products and then force consumers to purchase newer versions, even though their existing items are still physically able to perform.

I believe that a Class Action Lawsuit should be filed forcing either a refund or a FREE swap for the most advanced Jawbone.

Make no mistake, the wrist-worn tech is not as accurate as Body Media.

In fact, even with the Body Media purchase, Jawbone STILL never replaced Body Media in accuracy NOR did it even come in at second!

Now that’s pathetic when you buy the tech that’s the best and throw it away… basically telling serious fitness folks and those trying to most accurately track their calorie burn, that they can just go F*** themselves because nothing but money matters… not health!

Jawbone ONLY got into the “fitness” wear to get their piece of the market and they have failed the public miserably. They could have easily continued producing the MOST ACCURATE fitness wearable along with their more aesthetically desirable wrist bands, but they FALSELY believed that there was no difference in the two products and that their product was better and more acceptable.

It’s only acceptable to those who are ignorant of the existence of Body Media and its clinically tested accuracy.

For that kind of money, the Fitbit Surge is far superior and has shown higher tested accuracy.

Bottom line, for any wrist-worn product to work, it needs to stay adhered to the wrist (skin contact) and for the most accuracy, needs the same set of sensors used by Body Media, which apparently do not fit in the smaller wrist products.

I can easily wear the Surge around the clock, versus the Hexoskin. There are simply times when I don’t want a shirt, especially a compression shirt, so the Hexoskin is perfect for actually workouts, and sleep, if you can tolerate it.

Depends on what you want to track. For me, I test and review products, and in this case, I have always worn the Body Media and Nike Fuelband around the clock… the Fitbit One and Withings trackers when awake… the Withings from time to time to track sleep, especially to compare to the Hexoskin… and the Hexoskin and Nike Sport Watch for training, depending on the type of training.

The Surge offers a watch, GPS and all the other usual fitness wear desired tracking.

The Jawbone UP products offer… no screen? So, what’s the use of a wristband that tracks heart rate full time if you need another device and syncing to check it???

No serious fitness training person who wants to track heart rate during training should even be considering the Jawbone products. After all, a faceless wristband hawking full-time heart monitoring is yet further evidence that this is a company with only one objective - making money… not meeting the actual needs of the consumers.

I’d use it if it incorporated thermal sensors and measured calories… essentially mimic the BODY MEDIA. I’d be fine wearing it on my arm. I’ve worn the Body Media there for years without issue. I have plenty of accelerometer-based tech. Heart Rate and highly accurate calorie count is fairly essential for millions of Americans like myself - disabled Veterans that are monitored by the VA hospitals for basic health and for nutrition programs, rehab programs, etc. There are only 30+ million of us (veterans), but that is about 10%of the U.S. population. Those who are the most active, use wearable tech for training with Team Red White & Blue, etc.

I’ll keep my eyes on KAM and Kersh Wellness.

I’ve spent decades testing products and writing reviews. If there’s a way to keep up with your project via a specific site, other than the main site, or if there’s ever a need for testing (including comparative testing against other products), then I’d be happy to help out in any way I can.

Hey all, just adding on in case any of you still want to export data from your BodyMedia accounts before they shut it down (Januardy 31st, 2016).

I found a decent way to get all my data from BodyMedia, at a resolution of calories per minute! (It’s steps per hour, and sleep per hour, but even that’s better than their normal exports.)

Anyone who still has an account, follow this video, and it’ll only take you about 10 minutes:

No ads, not spamming, just want to make sure everyone can get their data before it’s gone!

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does anyone have the freestanding software that would allow us to continue to use body media devices? They sold this software as a research upgrade.