Bodywork Stackexchange website

A while ago I wrote the proposal for Biology Stackexchange. The website graduated last week.

QS has always been for me about having more perspectives to look at how we work. People
I met in this community have generally been very willing to try out more alternative techniques.
However instead of tracking for granted that a technique works and believing in it, we seek evidence.
We seek understanding.

I think there are a variety of techniques under the label of bodywork, that do provide benefits.
On the other hand it’s very hard to find reliable knowledge about them. There no good place online
where that knowledge is shared.

I therefore created a proposal for a new Stackexchange website: Bodywork.
It’s descriptions is:
“Proposed Q&A site for manual and movement therapists including message therapists, yoga teachers, somatics teachers, physical therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, and dance and movement teachers.”

I invite everyone here who has knowledge to share about those subjects to participate and share
his level questions to define the scope of the Stackexchange website.

Very cool!

Followed and asked a question.