Breakout: Emotive Wearables

I am a PhD candidate and my research investigates the possibility to augment new kinds of non-verbal communication using wearable technology devices to amplify and visualise physiological data, in for example, formal and informal social situations.

During my Breakout Session at QSEU14, I will demonstrate my prototype device: EEG Visualising Pendant for use in social situations and invite attendees to participate in a discussion and survey about attitudes to emotive wearable technology and in particular my pendant. Iā€™m interested in feedback that will help me develop the next prototype version of this pendant and also feed into my PhD research and presentations.

My Breakout Session is at 3pm on Sunday (Harvard), though I would be delighted to show/discuss my EEG pendant between sessions throughout the conference.

I will audio record the session and supply a paper survey for those who would like to contribute extra feedback. All anecdotes and data recorded will anonymised and of course participation is entirely optional. I will bring flyers to explain my research and what will happen during the session and also consent forms for those who are happy to participate. All feedback will be most appreciated, so please feel free to approach me during the conference.

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