Breakout: Mapping Data Access


We’ll soon be discussing how data actually flows. Specifically (according to the program):

“We’ll use some diagrams of data flows in popular QS systems to talk about how and where we access our own data, and how toolmakers can improve access. Come bring your own experiences as users and makers to improve these maps and discuss their implications.”

Feel free to start asking questions/mulling over your thoughts right here. To get us started, QS Labs already has some great material which inspired this session. It’s here and here.

See you very soon,
Dawn and Robin

Thanks to everyone who came to the session!

By far the most surprising outcome for us was the amazing amount of thinking that you were able to express in just a few minutes when we invited you to sketch your own diagrams. As promised, you can download a PDF of the drawings here.

Robin and Dawn

I’ve finally had a chance to really dive into the drawings, instead of just glancing at them. Amazing! I would really like to know who did each drawing, if people are willing to claim them. There is a fantastic diversity of thinking represented here.

Agreed! I don’t know whether not asking people to add their names made it easier to contribute, but I’m curious too if anyone wants to share.

I did the one on page 7. It shows as much of the Fluxtream data flows as I could include in the time and space provided. The page references going into sources like Fitbit refer to the Symposium-2014/API_Diagrams.pdf page numbering.

I’m happy to answer questions about what’s there or what’s left out. :slight_smile: