Breakout: QS & Nutrition

This is a thread to discuss the QS and Nutrition breakout session.

Session Description
How are we currently tracking our nutrition, and how could we do it better? How are novel data streams such as genetics and microbiome analysis being integrated into diet and nutrition tracking?

Thanks to everyone who participated in the discussion this weekend. I’ve tried to summarize many of the ideas discussed, but please post any additional questions and ideas! Let’s keep the conversation going!

What are challenges related to nutrition tracking?

  • current tools/methods have time-consuming input systems, so adherence and consistency are difficult to maintain
  • the science regarding optimal nutrition is ambiguous, so setting clear goals is often a challenge
  • it’s hard to understand how a specific ingredient affects performance

How do we currently track nutrition?

  • Pen and paper
  • myFitnessPal, LifeSum, Cronometer, Fatsecret
  • Eatery, MealSnap - take a picture of each meal
  • HAPIfork - fork that tracks
  • Breezing - mobile metabolism tracker
  • Withings/Aria - scales to measure weight
  • Dexcom - glucose tracking
  • Activity trackers - activity as input (calories expended)
  • HRV - info about how tired/fatigued you are, how sensitive to certain foods
  • brain mapping - how does nutrition affect neurology?
  • Tellspec - possibly a scam?
  • Breathometer - can we pull additional metrics from the breath?
  • 23&Me - genetics
  • uBiome - gut microbiome
  • InsideTracker, WellnessFX, Theranos, Biotrakr - blood tracking

How could we do it better?

  • we could integrate nutrition data with other contextual data (sleep, mood, etc).
  • we could measure biomarkers more regularly - ie. continuous blood testing*.
  • in the next 5 years, we could be “bleeding, spitting, and peeing on our iPhones”. Our smartphones could analyze our data and recommend meals personalized for our current health.
  • the output of nutrition tracking could inform personalized medicine and personalized nutrition.

Hi all,

I’m new here so please be gentle if I’m being an idiot :wink:

I just wondered if anyone has ideas around tracking nutrition etc when creating meals from scratch (cooking process affecting the composition etc) and also when using veg from a veg box scheme (ie no barcodes or data at all).

thanks in advance for any ideas…