Breakout: Sensing Smell

A thread to prepare the discussion on the ‘sensing smell’ breakout session. Our ancestors relied greatly on scent tracking and what we underuse in the modern world; their sensory appreciation taught them how to survive, what foods to avoid, when to procreate or sow and reap, where there was danger - and how to diagnose illness or diseases (just like our cats and dogs can). We humans have not lost those smelling faculties – but we have come to rely on data presented in another way. Still in its infancy, electronic nose sensors can detect scent signals allowing immediate information, such as detected diseases, and measuring stress-related body odour. The intensity of body odour can be influenced by many factors (behavioural patterns, survival strategies, emotional STRESS (anger, fear, excitement etc)

  • What body smells might you want to track on the body and why?
  • What counter-active scents (if any) might you use in response? What other smells?
  • How might QS smell tracking teach us to better use our sense of smell?

These are some of the questions we will explore in this session on the reinvention of the senses….