Breath tracking sensor and its applications

Hello QS’ers,

We are a team of engineering students and we made a prototype band for body core to track diaphragm movement/chest expansion. It is very simple, though quite accurate. We are interested in hearing what experiments would you run given this device.

Furthermore, We made a very short survey that will help us measure interest in such a project and possible development directions. We will make survey results public here later. You can find survey here.

Prototype description.
At the moment we have incorporated EAP based stretch sensor on the heart monitor strap. With this configuration we can continuously measure expansion rate and expansion levels. I attached an image so you can see how prototype looks and an example of plotted data that has been acquired with this prototype.

We are eager to see your survey answers and have a discussion on possible applications and fun experiments we can run in a while.

P.S. We are based in Copenhagen and planning to come to QS meetup on April 20th, if anybody interested would like to meet and discuss our work, let us know!

Looking forward to the survey results!